Zero Ballistics v2.0
by QuantiCode

Release Notes

Zero Ballistics is a purely multiplayer-oriented game, and does not feature a single-player part. When you host a game, your local server will try to contact our game master server and publicly list your game.

Log files and configuration files can be found here:

VISTA: C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\Quanticode\Zero Ballistics
Win XP:C:\Document and Settings\(Username)\Application Data\Quanticode\Zero Ballistics
Linux ~/.config/Quanticode/Zero Ballistics

If your desired monitor resolution is not listed in the options menu, you can change the resolution directly in config.xml.

Don't try to run ZeroBallistics on a dual-monitor setup with 3d-acceleration enabled for both displays, or you will experience choppy motion.

System requirements

2.0 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM
128 MB graphics accelerator
Internet access

Zero Ballistics requires Shader-Model 2.0 and GLSL 1.2 to run. Please download and install the latest driver for your graphics card if you run into any trouble playing the game.

Version history

Game Help

Main Menu
Tank handling
Weapons and Skills
Default Controls

Main Menu (up)

After installing and starting the game the main menu comes up and offers a range of possibilities that are explained in detail here:

Tank handling (up)

The tank's body is controlled with standard keys W,S,A,D to drive forward, backward, left and right. The turret is controlled independently from the body and follows the movement of the mouse. Dragging the mouse to the left or to the right results in rotating the turret, while pushing the mouse forward or pulling it back controls the vertical alignment of the cannon mounted on the turret.

The tank is equipped with three different weapon systems. The main gun (default: left mouse button) fires projectiles that follow a ballistic trajectory, therefore it is necessary to lead the target and aim higher if it is farther away. This weapon does a fair amount of damage but the projectiles move with low speed.
The secondary weapon is a machine gun (default: right mouse button) that fires high-velocity rounds which have a limited range but follow a straight line so you should aim directly at your target. The machine gun does a rather small amount of damage.
Depending on the chosen skill, tanks are also equipped with a small amount of mines which are dropped at the rear end of the tank's body (default: F). Mines do a high amount of damage if another tank runs over them, but can be destroyed by shooting at them, and have a limited lifetime.

Your tank also is equipped with a stealth device so you can only be seen by your enemy's radar when you are firing your main gun!

Weapons and Skills (up)

You can select the equipment of your tank in the equipment menu (default: E). Equip your tank with the weapons and skills that best fit your playing style! Changes you make here will take effect only after your next respawn.

Scoring (up)

The score table (default: TAB) shows each player's score, kills, deaths, level and ping. Your accuracy and efficiency are displayed as well. For each kill you are awarded two upgraded points, substantially weaker or stronger opponents give one or four upgrade points, respectively.

Upgrades (up)

During the game it is possible to upgrade the tank in the three categories weapon, armor and speed. Each category has three levels that can be unlocked consecutively by spending upgrade points. Upgrade points are earned by killing opponents, or helping somebody else kill an opponent.

The upgrade menu (default: U) shows a short description of each upgrade, together with upgrade costs that need to be spent to activate an upgrade. Upgrades can also be activated via hotkeys (default: 1,2,3). Choose your upgrades wisely to gain an advantage over your enemies!

Default Controls (up)


Accelerate, brake and steer

Mouse movement

Turret control

Left mouse button

Fire main cannon

Right mouse button

Fire machine gun


Lay mine


Show equipment menu


Show upgrade menu


Shortcuts to upgrading a category


Show help screen


Tank handbrake


Flip the tank (after getting stuck)


Show scoreboard


Return to main menu

Contact (up)

Should you experience any problems when running the beta version of "Zero Ballistics", don't hesitate to contact us at You can also post into our forum. Comments are always welcome!